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The Smart Business Series

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An Introduction to Cybersecurity Compliance

This book introduces Cybersecurity Compliance. It answers the "What" and the "Why" questions. What do l need to know about Cybersecurity Compliance? and Why Should l Care?

Case for Investing in Cybersecurity Compliance achieves the following:


  • Provides a high-level overview of compliance and its origins

  • Explores common cybersecurity frameworks and what they protect.

  • Discusses the opportunities in cybersecurity compliance. 

  • Addresses the challenges within the cybersecurity compliance industry.

Why you need to read this book!

Cybersecurity discussion has taken over the world. The sheer volume of data that we create, manipulate and store is growing, leading to the inevitable growth of this exciting industry. This book is an excellent introduction to Cybersecurity Compliance. It provides the history of compliance, introduces the reader to cybersecurity frameworks, and discusses the challenges and benefits of adopting compliance. 


You will learn about the opportunities provided by cybersecurity compliance. This book will prepare you for a thriving Compliance Management, Sales, or Project Management position. The book is also valuable to share with your colleagues and educate them on cybersecurity risk. 


At the end of this book, you will feel confident in your understanding of cybersecurity compliance and its purpose. You will gain the skills required to confidently argue the business case for why organizations must invest in cybersecurity compliance. More importantly, you will know if you want to get more involved in the cybersecurity compliance industry.  

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Albert Grychowski
Managing Principal Partner, 
AllStar Partners

This book has made me rethink my attitude towards cybersecurity compliance. What I thought was typically a burden on large corporations can be used to impact any size organization positively.

Andre Gilmore
Sr Director - IT Nation Programs,

The Case for Investing in Cybersecurity Compliance is a straightforward, practical treatise on modern cybersecurity practices and answers the question of WHY it is imperative that SMBs have a sound compliance strategy. Kimberly Simon articulates everything you need to know to understand the current threat landscape and actionable next steps to protect your data and assets.”


Clive Williams
Leadership Expert, Author and Executive Coach

This book is a masterpiece!  I recommend this book to anyone who needs a simplified approach to understanding Cybersecurity Compliance. Kimberly has streamlined this complex topic into plain terms.”

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