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Identify Applicable Cybersecurity Frameworks for Your Business

This consultation will help you address the following questions for your company:

  • Which cybersecurity frameworks apply to my company?

  • Which frameworks are easiest, cheapest, or quickest for us to start with?

  • How much will each assessment cost?

  • How long does it take to achieve Compliance?

  • What information is required during the cybersecurity assessment?

  • Examples of questions that the assessor will ask during the assessment?

  • Who from the company should be involved in the assessment, and how can we best prepare and support them?

  • What can we start doing now in preparation for the assessment?

  • The final deliverable from this engagement is a detailed report of the cybersecurity frameworks applicable to your company, including the timelines, cost, and effort required for each.


Introduction to Cybersecurity Compliance for the Entire Company
(half-day workshop - virtual/ onsite)


Wondering how to start shifting the culture and gaining organization-wide buy-in for Cybersecurity Compliance?

Start with "People" (then "Processes" and "Technology"). 

This half-day workshop provides an interactive and fun way to introduce your team to cybersecurity and Compliance. The day's agenda is carefully curated to address the compliance requirements of your company, industry, and stakeholders. 

This engagement results in a team fully harmonized on a mission to continuously lower your company's risk of a data breach and use Compliance to retain and attract new clients. 

The Tactical Compliance Workshop Agenda will include:

  • Introduction to Security & Compliance (understanding how they relate).

  • Deep dive into the Compliance Frameworks applicable to the company. 

  • What Compliance means for my department (activity per department)? 

  • What level of detail can we expect from a cybersecurity assessment?

  • What are the timelines for achieving Compliance?

  • What activities make up our ongoing compliance management program?

  • How does achieving compliance impact the business?

Laughing During a Meeting

Konnect In a Minute (KIM)


Kimberly shares tips and tricks on enhancing your cybersecurity compliance program. 

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