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Note to self... Don't be a wasted life!

For as long as l can remember l have wanted more, felt more and aspired for more. I wake up each day wanting more.

Is that a good thing?

A friend once asked me... "why do you always want more, why can't you just be happy with what you have?"

I had no answer, l remember simply answering, "why is just this! enough for you?"

Cut from a different cloth!

I have since realized that people are so different. We exist in this world together and yet our needs to feel happy and fulfilled are generally different.

I have a strong push inside me that won't let me give up and won't let me settle. I want to have a stronger impact on others, a louder voice for those that agree but cannot be heard and l want to make my family proud.

So what now?

We keep moving.

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